Wash your face

Wash Your Face

Wash Your Face is the fourth episode of the series and was first broadcast on the 03rd October 1988.


It's a rainy old day in the land of Do As Your Told, and Stoppit and Tidyup have forgotten who comes out after it rains...


It was a rainy old day in the land of Do As Your Told. At The Dump we see Stoppit, sheltering from the rain. Stoppit didn't like the rain as it ment he couldn't go out to play. As soon as it did stop raining he jumps outside to make the most of it. But he forgot who comes out after it's rained... Wash Your Face! The muddy creature jumps out of nowhere and lands in a puddle, covering Stoppit.

Meanwhile, at Tidyup's House, Tidyup had just finished doing his laundry. He had washed all of his ties and was now going to hang them out to dry. But he also forgot about Wash Your Face. Before he can hang a single tie up, SPLASH... Wash Your Face covers them in muddy water. Tidyup lets out a howl.

A while later, after re-washing his ties, he begins to hang them out... but oh-oh SPLASH Wash Your Face strikes again!

For the third time, Tidyup washes his ties and manages to get them drying in the sun. Stoppit arrives and they both look set to relax when... SPLASH Wash Your Face does it again! This time covering the two friends in mud and the ties as well! Having had enought, they chase Wash Your Face back to The Dump to try and teach him a lesson.

After chasing the dirty beast all around The Dump for a while (disturbing countless Naughties!), they decide that they will never catch him and instead need to lay a trap! Back in Tidyup's Garden, Tidyup gets Stoppit to dig a large hole, this he fill with water to make look like a normal puddle. All they had to do was wait.

Not long after, Wash Your Face turnes up and true to form, jumps into the puddle. It';s so deep he can't get out! Tidyup's plan had worked. Now... What to do?

Back at The Dump, the pair find an old bath, and deciding Wash Your Face had never had a propper bath, the give him one. Stoppit even manages to find some bubble bath! When he is nice and clean, Tidyup hangs him on the line to dry. The two friends laugh at the now clean Wash Your Face!

Episode Info:Edit

First apperance of Wash Your Face.