Tidyup's Gherkin House

Tidyup's Gherkin House

Tidyup's House is a location found in the land of Do As Your Told and is the home of Tidyup.


The house it's self is carved from a giant oversized Gherkin and appears to be a two storey building. Quite compact and very tall, it is has one main door and two windows. It is coverd in moss, toadstools and various other flora.

As well as plants, Tidyup also grows Gherkins, which can grow to enormous sizes. They are his, and mostly everyone in Do As Your Told favourite food. It appears to be situated in a shady area and has a well kempt garden, tended to meticulously by Tidyup. Possible flimsy in structure as a passing Beequiet accidentaly lifted the roof clear off!


The precise location of Tidyup's House is vague. It is a short distance from The Dump and is accesable from there via a small stone bridge. It situated between there and the Large Rock. It seems to be within general walking distance of most places in Do As Your Told.