Tidyup's Garden

Tidyup's Garden

Tidyup's Garden is a location in the the land of Do As Your Told and belongs to the shows protagonist, Tidyup!


Tidyup's Garden is bursting with different kinds of flora in every color you can think of. As well as flowers and plants, Tidyup also grows Gherkins there, which he is very proud of! The garden may look like a mess top the untrained eye, but is meticulously looked after. It is well known througout Do As Your Told as the best kept garden and a lot of the locals tend to visit. In particular the two bees, Beehave and Beequiet, love to spend time there.


The garden its self is adjacent to Tidyup's House and is not far from The Dump. It seems to be in general walking distance of most places in Do As Your Told.