Tidy(y)up is one of the main pro


tagonist's of the show and is a resident of Do As You're Told. He is featured in every episode of the series.


Tidyup is vaguely humanoid in appearance, although more stooped and lumpy looking. His is purple in colour with a scraggy mop of light blue hair. The only form of clothing he is seen wearing is a neck tie, which he seems to have several different ones of.


Tidyup is a very friendly person.

He has a house of his own and he is very particular when it comes to his beautiful garden. He loves to garden and is an expert at making things grow. His favourite food is Gherkins. When upset or annoyed, he is capable of opening his mouth extra wide and making a loud bellowing noise whiche he does often.

His best friend is Stoppit, and the two often go on many adventures together ands seems to be in a happy mood. He likes to help other when he can and enjoys the quiet life. He loves to be organised and enjoys being in caharge of others. This evident on several ocasions: he usually organises the Great Gherkin Feast every year and took on the main role of refferee in an arrange football game. get into allkinds of trouble.