Sit Downs

Sit Downs

Sit Downs are a mysterious race of unresponsibly lethargic creatures that live in the land of Do As Your Told.


The Sit Downs are seen to be large creatures, identicle to each other, although smaller versions have also been seen. They reside in the Vally Of The Sit Downs. They are fleshy white coloured and have round bodies with long, elongated heads. Two empty black nostrils are their only feature. They have no arms and spend there time sitting down on the giant toadstools in their Vally.


Peacfull by nature, not a lot is known about the Sit Downs. They seldom, if ever, move and are always found sat on the giant toadstools in their vally, humming to themselves. This could be a form of meditation. It is a known fact that they have magical powers, but to what extent these powers are is unknown. They are able to cure Naughty Pox simply by spending time in their prescence.