Pik-Nik 1

Picnic Spot Before

Pik-Nik 2

Picnic Spot After

Picnic Spot
was a location found in the land of Do As Your Told that was frequented by many of the locals until people built a road right over it.


Before the Road was built, the Picnic Spot was a place of beauty. Full of colorful plants, abundant with wildlife and even it even had a small waterfall and stream. The perfect place for a tranquil picnic with firends. Sadly the humans had decided to build a busy road over the top of this beautiful place, probably unaware of it's existence.


The exact locaton of the Picnic Spot and itself is all make-believe, but it would appear as The Road from the main bulk of Do As Your Told. Far enough to warrent transpotation (in the form of Comb Your Hair!). To reach the Picnic Spot, you have to travel through the Vally Of The Sit Downs.