Tidyup with some Naughties

Naughties are a small race of mainly harmless creatures that can be found in the land of Do As Your Told.


The Naughties are small and round and tend to be very bouncy. They are deep purple in colour and have yellow spots on them. The seem to be harmless mostly, acting as a kind of pest similar to a cockroach or some such and are the smallest creatures found in Do As Your Told.


Naughties are, for the most part, harmless. However, if they come into close contact with another living thing, they can cause Naughty Pox. They seem to dwell in small out of the way hiding places and are usually found in groups of many. Several nests can be found at the Dump but they can be found all around Do As Your Told. One nest in particular was found in Tidyup's Garden made out of an old Gherkin. Once disturbed, they become very agitated and make high pitched squeaking noises. They can also bounce to quite a hight. Perhaps this acts as somekind of defence mechanisim.