Gherkin Feast

The Gherkin Feast

The Great Gherkin Feast is an event that takes place annually in the land of Do As Your Told.


It is customary during the time of the great feast, for all inhabitants of Do As Your Told to gather as many Gherkins as they possible can and bring them all to one arranged spot. As soon as everyone has finishd collecting and are gathered together, the feast begins. It is basically a way of bringing everyone together in the spirit of friendship and sharing. The event is usually organised by Tidyup.


Who knows when the first feast began? This, along with Birthday Day, is one of the only know events to take part in Do As Your Told. On one notable occasion, the big bad I Sad No! decided to steal all the feast's Gherkins leaving everyone withnothing to celebrate. He, along with his yappy, nasty little pet, Not Now!, took them all back to the Tree Stump. Fortunatly Tidyup and Stoppit were able to rescue some of the goods and still managed to celebrate.