Go And Play

Go And Play

Go And Play is one of the many colorful inhabitants from the land of Do As Your Told. He is always surrounded by toys and loves a good game of football.


Vaguely triangular in appearance, he is pale green with a large nose. He has two starnds of hair which stick up from his pointy head. He is only dressed in a small pair of white shorts and a pair of blue traines. He is always seen carrying a toy, usually his favourite, which is a toy train.


Mild manered by nature, Go And Play never says anything, just hums little tunes to himself. Content to be in his own company with his toys, sometimes he like to involve others. Once he organised a football match for the residents in the land. Very child like in his actions, he is possible the youngest member of the community. He has many toys including: a train, a castle, various balls, toy trumpet and a bear.