Go And Play - EP

Go And Play

Go And Play is the fifth episode of the series and was first broadcast on the 10th October 1988.


Go And Play decides to do something exciting, and rounds up everybody in the land for a great game of football...


On top of the Largest Rock in the land of Do As Your Told sat Go And Play, surrounded by lot of toys. But he wans to do something a bit more fun today. He decides a game of football is the things a calls on all his friends to see if they want to play. First he goes to Tidyup's House where Tidyup joins him. Next,, at The Dump, Stoppit tags along.

They are soon joined by Calm Down, Clean Your Teeth, Comb Your Hair, Eat Your Greens, Go To Bed, Hurry Up, I Said No!, Not Now and Wash Your Face. Plenty of people to get the game going! Tidyup is the referee, and blows the whistle to start the game. Go And Play is about to kick off, when Stoppit gets in there first. The ball is then kicked from person to person. Poor little Calmn Down is so scared of the ball. Eventually, Stoppit grabs the ball. Tidyup thinks this is cheating and blows the whistle again.

Stoppit ignores him and continues to play alone, bouncing the ball. The others charge at him to try and get the ball back. Poor Go And Play still hadn't managed to kick the ball yet. After a few nasty tackels they start the game again. Soon they begin to lose intrest. Clean Your Teeth starts to show off, Wash Your Face has forund a puddle and Not Now is rushing around. Finally, Go And Play has a chance to kick the ball... straight in to Eat Your Greens mouth! There is not much you can do once someone has eaten you ball. I Said No kickes Eat Your Greens and they all pile on top of him.

Game over... Everyone decides to go home, not noticing that Go And Play had already left and gone back to his rock. Much happier to be playing with himself.

Episode Info:Edit

First appearance of Clean Your Teeth, Go To Bed, I Said No, Calm Down, Not Now, Hurry Up