Gherkins are the staple food of all the residents of Do As You're Told and can be found growing throughout the land.


The Gherkin is the food of choice of everyone, which is handy because they grow absolutely everywhere. There appear to be many different types of gherkin available .small and large, plain and striped, and all brightly coloured with green bits growing on top. The Gherkins grown in the wild tend to be larger then normall where as the ones grown in gardens, such as Tidyup's Garden and smaller.


This celebrated vegitable is the main focus of the Great Gherkin Feast. An anulal festival used to bring people together with there love of the food. Gherkins can be eaten raw on there own or used to make sandwiches, pies and even a house! Tidyup's House is carved out of a large oversized Gherkin. It even has a door and windows!