Eat Your Greens - Ch

Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens is one of the many colorful inhabitants from the land of Do As Your Told, and can often be seen hopping about the place.


Eat Your Greens is a very small creature who has the ability to bounce from place to place, hopping like a rabbit. He is olive green in color and looks a little like a sprout. He has a few blue spackle on his back and a mop of blue hair on his head. He also seem to have a permanent grin on his mouth, which can open vastly wide when devouring various flora.


Eat Your Greens has a very basic nature. Eating and bouncing. He hops from place to place looking for different flora and vegetation to eat. He is able to open his mouth very wide when doing so, much as a snake would do, to allow him to eat great ammounts. Harmless and docile, he seems to have a special liking for Tidyup's gherkins! On one occasion, a very jealous Stoppit allowed Eat Your Greens into Tidyup's Garden where he proceded to eat everything there.

He also seems to be able to eat almost anything. For example, during a football game organised by Go And Play, he even ate the football!. One intresting fact is that no matter how much Eat Your Greens eats, he never puts on any weight! Lucky Eat Your Greens!