Eat Your Greens - Ep

Eat Your Greens

Eat Your Greens is the second episode of the series and was first broadcast on the 19th September 1988.


The ever hungry Eat Your Greens finds his way into Tidyup's Garden, and he loves eating flowers and Gherkins!


Another fine day in the land of Do As Your Told. We find Tidyup outside his house doing a spot of gardening. He has a knack for making things grow and is very proud of his garden. We see Stoppit pearing through the garden gate. He gets very jealous at seeing how good Tidyup is at growing things. Wishing he had a garden of his own, Stoppit rushes back to The Dump to find one.

Once there he begins chucking rubbish about untill he finds the Squeaky Old Weed! A rather ghastly looking plant that makes squeaking noises. Deciding it was not as nice a garden as Tidyup's, he rushes back to Tidyup's House and steals Tidyup's watering can, thinking that this might help. Instead he drowns the weed. This makes Stoppit very angry, losing his temper!

Gardening done, Tidyup decides to have an afternoon nap in the sun. He sees Eat Your Greens outside his gate and is glad that it is shut, because the little creature would eat everything in his garden if he got in! Unable to get in, Eat Your Greens bounces off.

Back at The Dump, Stoppit is still angry. Just then Eat Your Greens hops by and in one bit, gobbles down Stoppit's Weed. This gives Stoppit a very naughty idea. He picks up Eat Your Greens and drops him into Tidyup's Garde, where he begins to devoure everything there, including a passing butterfly, at lighting speed. Stoppit thinks this is very funny!

Waking up just in time to see Eat Your Greens finnishing a giant mouthfull, Tidy up lets out a bellow! Stoppit dances around, proud of what he has done. Angry, Tidyup grabs hold of a giant Gherkin and plops it down ontop of Stoppit. Now, thinking Stoppit was a Gherkin, Eat Your Greens begins to chase Stoppit round the garden and all the way back to The Dump! Tidyup is pleased to teach him a lesson.

Episode Info:Edit

First appearance of Eat Your Greens and the (Squeaky Old) Weed.