Derek Strong

Derek Strong

Derek Strong & The (Space) Martains! is a cartoon television program watched by the inhabitants of Do As You're Told.

Show Info:Edit

The show appears to be a science fiction based program and is aimed at children. It is seen in animation form and contains lots of noise and flashing imagery. It is about the adventures of Derek Strong in his on-going fight against the Martains.

Derek himself has wavey blonde hair, huge grin and has the chizled jaw expected of any hero. He is seen carrying a blaster/ gun of some kind and is not hesitent in using it. He may ware a black uniform of somekind.

There appear to be two typs of Martian in the show: A green, scaley reptillian looking one and a large blue/ mauve furry one, both rather agressive.

All the residents of Do As You're Told like to watch this program, but it is Stoppit's favorite.

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