Comb Your Hair - Ep

Comb Your Hair

Comb Your Hair is the third episode of the series and was first broadcast on the 26th September 1988.


Stoppit and Tidyup head for their favourite Picnic Spot — and what better way to get there than riding on Comb Your Hair!


A bright and sunny day in the land of Do As You're Told. We see Stoppit and Tidyup chasing Comb Your Hair around Tidyup's Garden. Because it was such a lovely day, they had decided to go on a picnic. Tidyup had even made a large hamper full of lovely Gherkin sandwiches. Tidyup had the perfect Picnic Spot in mind, as he'd been there many times before and thought it was the nicest plce in the land. But they needed Comb Your Hair ride on.

Once they caught Comb Your Hair, they headed off. First they had to pass thorugh the Vally Of The Sit Downs. The Sit Downs were strange creatures that had been there long before Stoppit and Tidyup could remeber! All they ever seemd to do was... sit down. Now the only problem with riding Comb Your Hair was that he couldn't always see where he was going, because his hair was so long and scruffy! He either bumped into things or fell down steep embankments.

Along the way they pass Go And Play, sat playing happily with some of his toys. He has lots of toys. After falling over another hill, Tidyup began to wonder if this was a good idea. Stoppit becomes very angry and loses his temper. Now the only way to calm Stoppit down when in a temper is to bounce hime, like a basket ball, which is just what Tidyup does. Determined to get to the Picnic Spot they march on.

Once there, they are dismayed to find that the once beautifull place has gone. Instead there has been a huge road built over the area. They watch as several cars rush past. Tidyup is very sad to see The Road, but remembers that they still have a hamper full of Gherkin sandwiches to eat.

Sadly, when they go to get their food, Comb Your Hair has already eaten the lot! They chase him all the way home!

Episode Info:Edit

First appearance of Comb Your Hair, Go And Play and the Sit Downs.