BeeQuiet & BeeHave

Episode One

Beequiet And Beehave is the first episode of the series and was first broadcast on the 12th September 1988.


Tidyup accidentally loses the roof of his house and has to get it back before it starts to rain!


Another day in the land of Do As Your Told. We see Tidyup's House. It looks like it is about to rain, but Tidyup, who is sitting by his window, doesn't mind the rain. Suddenly, Beehave & Beequiet fly by the house. But again, Tidyup dosen't mind, as the two bee's often came by to look around his garden. But sadly this time, as they are flying around, the roof of Tidyup's house gets caught in Beequiet's feet! Poor Tidyup! He decides to go and get it back before it starts to rain.

The bees had dropped it somewhere over The Dump. This is where Stoppit lives amongst all the discarded rubbish. Crossing the bridge, Tidyup arrives at The Dump and begins searching for his missing roof. During the search he disturbs a nest of Naughties, small round purple and yellow creatures that also live in The Dump.

Stoppit is watching Tidyup closely and thinks that he is trying to tidy up The Dump! This he finds very funny. Eventually Tidyup finds his roof and makes to get home before the rain comes, but sees that Stoppit has filled the bridge with all kinds of rubbish, making it impossible for him to cross it. Just then, the two bees come back. This gives Tidyup an idea.

He lashses the roof to Beequiet's feet and the giant bee carries him high over the bridge. Stoppit, getting very angry, decides he wants to fly too and so ties a chipped teapot to Beehave and is pulled into the sky. Tidyup is dissapointed to see Stoppit. Stoppit begins to swing wildly in his teapot and crashes into Beequiet who drops Tidyup!

Fortuatly, Tidyup lands straight into his house and the roof lands ontop, fixing it's self. Glad to be home, Tidyup gives a bellow. The two bees, fed up with Stoppit, drop him off over The Dump. Sadly for Stoppit, he lands, crash, on his house... Then it starts to rain. Stoppit watches from inside his chipped teapot and Beehave and Beequiet fly home.

Episode Info:Edit

First appearance of Tidyup, Stoppit, Beequiet, Beehave and the Naughties.