Beequiet is one of the many colorful residents that inhabbit the land of Do As Your Told and is one half of the two giant bees. He can often be seen flying about with his brother, Beehave.


Beequiet, as you would expect, resembles a large bee. Whilst being a giant in his own right, he is a great deal larger then his brother, Beehave. He has an over sized body with a tiny pair of wings ontop to support him during flight. He has a small mop of red hair, and he always happens to have his mouth firmly sucked in.


Beequiet doesn't speak, but is constantly buzzing. Always seen with his mouth sucked in, he still appears to be nervous. Never on his own, he can always be found with his brother where the pair enjoy flying about Do As Your Told enjoying the scenery, in particular, Tidyup's garden. On one occasion, he accidently lifted the roof off of Tidyup's House and dropped it into The Dump. He later came back, when Tidyup had reclaimed it, and gave him a lift back home.